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  1. I am sure most Tanzanias want justice and truth. Once again we are tired of all these pictures and window dressing. The government is acting like something is done on all these crimes while fake prosecutors, lawyers, and judges are finding ways to let time pass by. There so many problems to this country and majority of Tanzanians are facing food shortages, healthcare needs, poor education, more and more. Who in this country don’t suffer or some of his/her relative facing these problems. Some people in courts systems, police, government, and streets are will to stand for this, something wrong with this. We have to start somewhere and this is a start, let these people punished for what they have caused to our country and let start fresh. Tanzania is not poor if we want to move this country to twenty first century. There are alot people in this government don’t know what they are doing and they are causing damages everywhere. Why if you can’t perform your work and be open to resign and save the country, this includes the president. This country need people with ideas and not begging money everyday to foreign country, this is enoung.

    Comment by eddy | May 29, 2009 | Reply

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